Here are the simple rules to follow to name functions so the code stays clear and easy to understand. With some quick explanations to help keep them in mind.

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1. Don't Clobber Things

Avoid names that are the name of other things in the same scope. Preferring const helps with this, but linters can help out too. Overwriting functionality can cause errors and confusion. This is something that can happen in JavaScript that programmers have to stay vigilant about.

An explanation on how to write readable JavaScript summarised from experts.

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If you hate JavaScript you are gonna wanna read this.

A prescriptive and opinioned explanation on how to write readable JavaScript based on the teachings of “Uncle” Bob Martin, Douglas Crockford, Timothy Daly, Jules May, and Kevlin Henney.

Where they disagree I default to whichever one has the least disdain for JavaScript.

The first thing to learn is that code is for others to read, and incidentally for a computer to understand. Ideally, the computer would take ones and zeros, but we are writing in a compressed form of English. Obviously, the computer is not the chief target of what is being written. …

Programming bugs tend to fall into a certain set of categories. There is a pattern to programmer errors, and approximately 90% of them fall into this simple pattern. The same condition is repeated in more than one part of the code. That is one condition controlling two or more distinct pieces of code.

Pieces of code that do not seem distinct initially because they are separated by the dimension of time.

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Goto considered harmful

This is a fairly known concept that the number of bugs in a program is proportionately correlated to the number of goto statements in it. When we look at…

Getting out of bed is difficult, here are some tips to kick start your day when you have depression. While appearing sad is the hallmark of depression it is not the crux of the condition. One of the symptoms is extreme fatigue, especially in the morning.


Step one groan. Groan seven to ten times. This does a number of things. It signals to your sub-personalities that the ego has decided it is time to get up. What is a sub-personality? It's a continuous region of brain matter that acts on given inputs independently making decisions and doing actions autonomously. …

This is for the adults, or rather people that want to be adults. Video games are a fun way to relax, right? We all need to relax, but what other ways could we be using our time?

Imagine your favorite piece of artwork. Is it static? Maybe, how long could you stare at it? Maybe a few minutes maximum. You may have it placed somewhere and glance at it occasionally; get a good hit of dopamine in the process. You’re not spending hours of your life staring at it. You’re not spending weeks of your life mastering new techniques to…

A few years back one of my peers asked me about gay rights, should gay people be able to marry. I though for a few moments and said “yes and no, because its a religious…” and she preceded to cut me off and not speak to me for a few months. Now gay marriage is legal and my peers and I are happy we all can get married. Let me be clear I firmly support marriage equality. But in the back of my head I feel I need to at least explain why our parents generation is uncomfortable, and our…

I’m a millennial, a minority, and I only have a high school education, but Im middle class and more well off than most my peers. That’s my demographic. I’m a normal Joe. Bernie Sanders arguments resonance with me naturally but being the type of person I am I need to play devil’s advocate and understand how he is going about what he is planning to do.

On the case of economic inequality the major problem is that … I’ll call it the conservative complex (I’m going to have to define this later) … are fearful/motivated against wealth redistribution without self…

First off I prefer over It’s hard to explain why but hit the scene first, I was already looking for something to replace SublimeText and Intype was not cutting it. Don’t get me started on Notepad++. I love all these programs and what they do for the community especially those of us programmers that do not write in Java and C#, those poor souls will never be free of their IDE’s.

Brackets is a damn good IDE, oops did I offend you? Text editor, what is an IDE because I obviously don’t know. A vein of redditors…

Imagine living in a country where if you do not make above a specific income, the government comes to your home and takes your youngest child, and then executes them if your income does not improve within a specific time-frame. Imagine in the same country after a specific age each person is taxed 66% of their income. Imagine in the same country you could not buy clothing, but utilities are free. Imagine if by law clothing was minimal, everyone walked around practically nude. Imagine if you could not have a savings. …

I hate being a programmer, but I love programming. I hate being a programmer because other programmers aggravate me in the way they treat end users. They treat end users like they are programmers themselves. As if users are people that like clever puzzles, and living real live crime drama where they are fed clues one by one from a psychopath against the clock.

That is what it feels like using a complex piece of software for the first time. Especially an Open Source one. I am sure many of my fellow programmers have experienced this. You download a program…

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